word duel

Episode 18: Nanopremo

Why yes, it is a "primo" episode, haha. In the third episode of the "preseason" for Nanowrimo, Jim and Ben duel it out and read their drafts aloud. Then we get into some of the planning and structure techniques that Brandon Sanderson teaches in his "Write About Dragons" classes.


Book's we're absorbing:

Dry by Augusten Burroughs

Bradbury Speaks

Stein on Writing

"On Writing" by Stephen King 

Jim's challenge to our "ear readers"(listeners): Spend some time in the remaining month to re-read a piece (preferably a short story but it's up to you) that you thoroughly enjoy and break down the story elements that make it work/not work/how you might change it.

The text of the writing duels can be found here.