Episode 24: Slenderman and Grus

After Ben recovers from a mild illness, we regroup to get a lay of the Nanowrimo land as we hit the midway point of November. Stories still appear to be in good shape, but overall output is down compared to previous years. What's going on?

Then Jim and Ben talk cover a few pointers on how to increase suspense in your story, from an article in this month's Writers (not Readers!) Digest.

We must have had videogames on the brain because we wound up referencing both Slenderman and the Zork series.


Writer's Digest November/December 2014

"21 Fast Hacks to Fuel Your Story with Suspense" by Elizabeth Sims

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  • Jim Markus, the creator of “Write with Lions”, runs  and is starting his sixth season of NaNoWriMo. Jim is on Twitter @jimmarkus and on the NaNo site at jim-markus.

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Image credit: "Nick" (Flickr)