Episode 19: The secret extra night in Nanowrimo

Yes, it's true listeners. There is a secret extra night of totally by-the-book writing available to die hard Nanowrimo participants. Jim and Ben know the secret combo to unlock it.

This episode is also full of further ideas and plans leading up to National Novel Writing month. It's safer to travel with friends in this difficult challenge, after all.

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  • Ben Alexander runs and is starting his second season of NaNoWrimo. He can be followed on Twitter @mistahben and on the NaNo site at mistahben.
  • Jim Markus, the creator of “Write with Lions”, runs  and is starting his sixth season of NaNoWriMo. Jim is on Twitter @jimmarkus and on the NaNo site at jim-markus.

Both can also be heard on the  Stuff Smart People Like Podcast.

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photo credit: Elke Sisco (Flickr)