Episode 27: Extra Time

Just as your Nanowrimo novel isn't really finished on November 30th, neither are we with this podcast.

If you got to a good stopping place during Nanowrimo, then now is a good time to let your words sit. Don't read them, just congratulate yourself on the work done so far.

In this episode, Jim and Ben talk about how things wrapped up for the month and what they plan to do with the work they've put in so far. Lot's of good stuff in this episode as writing expands from the rather compacted 30 day sprint of Nanowrimo into the marathon of completing your work.


  • Darius Kazemi(@tinysubversions), of NaNoGenMo fame, in his excellent "lottery" presentation at XOFest.


NaNoWriPod Hosts:

  • Ben Alexander runs and is in his third season of NaNoWrimo. He can be followed on Twitter @mistahben and on the NaNo site at mistahben.
  • Jim Markus, the creator of “Write with Lions”, runs  and is in his sixth season of NaNoWriMo. Jim is on Twitter @jimmarkus and on the NaNo site at jim-markus.

Both can also be heard on the  Stuff Smart People Like Podcast.

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Photo Credit: mpclemens (Flickr)