Episode 28: Did I Quit?

After a long break we are finally back with another offseason episode!

Where you start when you've left your work in a heap? It's been a while and now Jim and Ben are feeling the need to pick up where they left off months ago on their respective work. It's daunting stuff but we walk through some tips on it.

Then we talk about what else we've been doing to stay sharp. Lots of good stuff is recommended and discussed so be sure to check out the links for all kinds of resources, inspiration, and just plain good reading.



Make time. The hours spent staring at the wall and processing are also work... Don’t get caught up in the physicality of writing, of starting to believe you’re only writing when you’re hitting a keyboard. You’re ALWAYS writing. Find your own balance.
— Warren Ellis

photo credit: Fredrik Rubensson (Flickr)