drum and bass

Yet more music to write to

In this, the third installment, I decided to do a little digging based on nostalgia. Don't worry, I'm not going to inundate you with covers of the Gummi Bears theme.

Instead I was thinking of music that I couldn't keep out of my CD player back in high school. Two discs in particular were rather unique samplers that I found in Revolution Magazine . 

Revolution  was a music mag dedicated to electronic music and "electronic culture"(which mainly meant a lot of ads for Mindiscs and TDK CD burners). Unfortunately it wasn't new enough to last more than a few years before folding.

But back to the music! Revolution  had incredible taste in their first few samplers and I've collected them into two Youtube playlists. If you are into electronic music like Thievery Corporation you are going to enjoy these.


Deep Summer: Smooth Jams For An Even Tan


Thievery Corporation And Revolution Present… Departures


Credit to Discogs for helping me with the track listings and artwork.