Episode 21: Touch Feels

Even when your job is to write, it can be hard to write for Nanowrimo.

This episode we talk about character descriptions, characterization and adding more senses to your scenes. We've got some exercises you can try outside of writing and some other handy suggestions and recommendations (some of which are linked below) (look for Mistahben and Jimmarkus!)

TV Tropes

Stein on writing

Carolyn Rahaman

Episode 3: Characters and Keytars

Episode 3: Characters and Keytars


Ben devises a plan to conquer his regional deficiency. Jim contrives a way to create 17 characters in a single sitting. Everyone enjoys a good keyboard.

Edward Witt, notable panel member on the Stuff Smart People Like podcast, joins Jim for a discussion of the month. Ed shares his thoughts on reviewing past work, challenges for creative professionals, and adds a pleasing baritone to the episode.

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