Episode 39: Post-mortem

Well, it's certainly been a month. To be brutally honest, this was quite a challenge and our word counts came up well short. However, we cannot dwell too much on what might have been! "What's next?" "What do we want?" And the importance of finishing your work even if you didn't finish Nanowrimo, are all covered in this wrap-up episode to Nanowrimo 2015.

Be sure to keep us in your podcatcher or RSS reader (or just hit "refresh" on this page for forever) because we will be back with random episodes throughout the 'downtime.' Thank you for another fun year of this podcast and congratulations to all those who hit their 50,000 words!

Episode 38: It's New to You!

It's a "lost episode" for the Thanksgiving break. In this Jim and Ben talk about creepy and mysterious 'true life' sources of inspiration that could go into your story.

We hope you all have an excellent finish to your NaNoWriMo projects this year. We will be back with a few closer episodes for this year after we get back from the break.