Episode 8: Come Back from the Brink

Your adventures in National Novel Writing Month.  This podcast covers the event where writers try to complete 50,000 words in 30 days.

EPISODE 8: Come Back from the Brink

Ben de-stresses at the keyboard after a full day without words. Jim has an epiphany that brings him back from the edge of madness. Both love and loathe Scrivener. They wrap everything up with the "sequels" section of Jim Butcher's Scenes & Sequels notes.

Question for listeners: What's the deal with Lion-O?

NaNoWriPod Hosts:

  • Ben Alexander runs BlackRectangle.net and is starting his second season of NaNoWrimo. He can be followed on Twitter @mistahben and on the NaNo site at mistahben.
  • Jim Markus, the creator of “Write with Lions”, runs MoreKnown.com  and is starting his sixth season of NaNoWriMo. Jim is on Twitter @jimmarkus and on the NaNo site at jim-markus.

Both can also be heard on the  Stuff Smart People Like Podcast.

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