Recording artists reconsidering "Pay what you want", returning to record labels

Its no surprise that the pay-what-you-want business model may not work all the time, or work for every artist. There obviously was some novelty to large acts like NIN and Radiohead trying it out. Now the bloom is off the rose and those relatively small transactions mixed with overhead and other costs may not be as appealing (especially if they’re trying to launch a new tour or new album).

But what is more important now is that the artists are in control of their own destinies. They can pick up and move and change. They aren’t beholden to the record companies outright. Its just one more way for them to do the things they want.

There will still be the PWYW* model for back catalog, or for different projects/opportunities. Now that the record labels have also come around to a more artist-friendly model, it would be advantageous to keep as many options open as possible

*say it like “Pe-wew!" Its fun.