Bringing BBM to Android and iOS should have happened a year ago

It was just announced that Blackberry Messenger is going to be released for iOS and Android later this summer. Thorstein Hiens claims that its a show of strength. That they are so confident in the BBM platform, and it will help draw people back to Blackberry.

This is a move that should have happened a year ago or sooner. The messaging market has never been so competitive. Just off the top of my head I can think of

*Kik messenger





*Facebook messenger


And those are just the ones available in the US that I’m aware of. I guess you could still lump Yahoo chat and AIM into that list as well (though I won’t because its my list). Let’s also not forget good ol’ SMS. 

Adding BBM to that mix isn’t going to win any hearts or minds unless, for some weird reason BBM is *INSANELY* better than the other options out there. I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

Even if BBM is excellent. That doesn’t matter because only one person I know uses a Blackberry and her next phone isn’t going to be a Blackberry (she’s told me). It may be nice that she can keep the handful of BBM contacts when she moves away from the platform, but that doesn’t sound like the kind of progress Blackberry wants (and its definitely not a moneymaking endeavor to appease customers not buying your products).

Blackberry has lost so much ground in the past decade that cracking open BBM at this point is an almost empty gesture. I would almost call it a hail mary, but that would imply that its a last ditch “all or nothing" move on Blackberry’s part. It isn’t. Its just weak and it won’t really help resurrect Blackberry as a handset maker.