AV Club Gameological Society on why backwards compatibility is bad for gaming

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Its a fairly well reasoned argument. I think there is something to be said for respecting the “legacy" of games.

HOWEVER, what he doesn’t point out is that this is a business decision to ensure that the hardcore fans of those legacy games will buy them as digital downloads.

As Joe Keiser points out in the article, the capability of the PS3 to play games via a software emulator solution could have been fairly easily applied to work with PS2 discs. Sony decided, as a matter of business, to not allow that support, instead relegating the emulator to only function on content purchased through their online store.

Does this surprise anyone? That, given the capability, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have moved to encouraging customers to re-buy their favorite games year over year?

Of course you could always keep your old systems around, but eventually they won’t be able to display properly on your TV without some sort of work around.