Site Redesign

I’ve had this site for a long time, and over that time it has undergone many redesigns and changes. It’s always been a blog, of sorts, but it’s also been some form of portfolio as well.

I could own this place exclusively and make my own things and share my own thoughts. It’s the one reason I haven’t made the jump to Medium and, despite being fairly active, remain rather suspicious of image hosting sites like Instagram and Flickr (even though I like instagram!)

So here now is the “Wells” (Wells is the template name) design of my personal homepage on the internet. The prior existence was nice but it felt jagged. Too much… i don’t know, flabby. I still love the term zibaldone, and I think it still rings true as part of the aim of this site. I may still put together a newsletter/dispatch style post, but I think those discoveries fly by so quickly that you may as well follow me on twitter for that sort of thing.

As far as something getting close to a professional update, I recently had a grand time taking portrait commissions at the first annual Cuddle Expo. It was a great space full of caring, compassionate folks, and some of them needed updated headshots and that’s where I came in.

I realized something in that moment. I actually liked shooting portraits. I now have an answer for what I take pictures of (at least in part.) And in addition to the ongoing dream of selling prints I am one step closer to an actual business model.

I may post soon about the portrait sessions at a conference, which as far as I know is a fairly uncommon and unique offering… but that will be a dedicated post in the coming weeks.

With that, I am happy to say that I’m enjoying my online presence now more than I have… possibly ever? Is that even possible?