Real life IS online when it comes to stalkers

A recent series of incidents involving a stalker using Storify and Twitter has made life for many women on Twitter particularly unpleasant, in fact they fear for their safety. As outlined in the series of tweets between the CEO of Storify Xavier Damman and many concerned users (some direct subjects of user @elevatorgate's stalking and advocates for them) , it shows how technology can be abused and manipulated but can still be utterly chilling.

@elevatorgate's gambit was to use Storify to scour twitter for tweets from specific users. Since many of these people were public profiles that's not at all difficult. And collecting every tweet a user makes is, on the one hand bizarre but the sick part was that storify was then automatically notifying the users. "You've been quoted by so-and-so in Storify" with a link back to the Storify page where every tweet sent has been collected. Just another signal to his victims: "I'm watching you." 

Damman's side of the discussion boils down to throwing up his hands. While a user is encouraged to use discretion when posting, that does not absolve companies that run those sites from addressing abusive, threatening and illegal behavior. The concerned parties are still pressing the offensive to Storify to stick to its terms of service and to get better blocking and reporting procedures in place.

John Scalzi has a great writeup of it (if this post didn't satisfy)