Pre-local ambient sounds

I had a rather strange experience recently. As one does these days, I made a friend through the internet and we finally decided at some point that we should meet in person.

Before that one of the big parts of how we communicated featured sharing songs over Spotify. We would message each other whatever we thought was cool and that the other would enjoy. After a few messages we also started following each other, and I subscribed to a few of her playlists.

Through those playlists I was able to rapidly ingest the day to day musical diet of another person. Keep in mind the vast majority of these songs I had never heard before. So I wasn't just bonding over a shared interest, instead I was experiencing someone else's interests. It doesn't hurt that her taste in music was generally quite good. However, it was strange that as soon as I was in her presence, the music she chose to play in the car or when we were hanging out just immediately clicked. I felt quite comfortable.

I could nod along, sing a chorus, and so on. As if I had already visited and sat in the car with her a hundred times before. It made my visit eerily familiar while at the same time being a completely new experience.