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The Black Rectangle Guide to: Reading Rainbow remixes

Only two days into Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter, the project is on track to surpass $30 million when it's deadline is reached. In under 48 hours it was 200% funded. And rightly so, as the project seems to hit all the quadrants of a very worthy Kickstarter (nostalgia, education, charitable goal & tech savvy.)

A couple years ago, melodysheep (John D. Boswell) remixed the iconic opening theme for PBS. It's a top notch remix that uses liberal amounts of auto-tune and sound clips to weave a soothing, nostalgic piece that makes you want to watch the show again.

But that great opening theme that is burned into many American 20 and 30-something brains has had other fun remixes and mashups as well:

Captain Culo remix

This may be one of the most party-friendly remixes. The exciting build up drops into the floaty original song's synths and then swarms the song with a flurry of beats and breaks. If I was going to slamdunk my book after reading it, this would be the anthem.

dHouse remix

This one cuts the tempo in half to deliver a slow roller. The vocals are pitched down, giving it rather draggy/sleepy feel. Plenty of high hats keep this trappy remix from getting bogged down.


Unlike the other entries, this one has a proper video to go with it. Taking the message of the show to heart, 2-cent fleshes out the song with verses celebrating reading and learning. Also, who doesn't love kids mugging for the camera and dancing?