Uber: Don't not be evil

Whenever some other bit of bad press pops up about Uber it almost invariably has to do with its unflinching commitment to making money and its outright hatred of regulations and laws.

The most recent news is that Uber is now saying that -for some reason- it is exempt from the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) laws that would require Uber drivers ("contractors" according to Uber) to accommodate people with disabilities.

Uber's greatest argument is that, despite the almost unbreakable association with car service, Uber is not a cab company. It is a technology company. That may be somewhat true but their only service has to do with providing rides and processing payments of those rides. But they can argue the semantics of that all day.

What it really comes down to is this:

Uber is a car service that was created for rich 20 somethings to hail a black car when they were out on the town. It was not created as a ubiquitous service, though I'm sure it would love to be so popular.

You know; Rich Dicks ( Kroll Show)

You know; Rich Dicks (Kroll Show)

So whenever a story about Uber pops up, imagine Uber is a buzzed 26-year-old who's out drinking with his friends and just trying to have a good time. That's all it is.

So anytime some new group speaks up for their needs, I like to picture Uber's CEO acting like this: