From Joan to Siri

Since I, like many people, have Labor Day off I think it's a fine time to reflect on the nature and history of work. My ever-reliable Twitter feed surfaced* this intriguing talk by Helen Hester called "Technically Female: Women, Machines, and Hyperemployment."

Hester looks at the history of "women's work" as office assistants and how the nature of that interaction has not been undermined, but merely shifted, to our personal electronic devices. There is a lot to dig through in the presentation, so perhaps viewing/listening at 1.5x speed will give you the most bang for your minutes.

Helen Hester: Technically Female: Women, Machines, and Hyperemployment Symposium Inhuman 25.05.15, 11.00 - 19.30 Participants: Helen Hester, Rosi Braidotti, Johannes Paul Raether / Transformella, Reza Negarestani, Peter Wolfendale, François Laruelle Technological advances, socioeconomic change, and new insights in neurology compel us to reassess our concept of human nature.