Dispatch 4: No News

It's been a rough week out there in the world.  It's probably going to get rougher. There is no shame in turning down the volume of the world a bit and taking care of yourself, because you're of no use to anyone if you're dead or broken. Stay with me. It's strange weather out there, but storms pass.  Hold on tight

That line was written by Warren Ellis in his semi-regular newsletter Orbital Operations. He's usually full of good stuff, so check that out.

Please enjoy this collection of videos and other links.

Remain calm.

Populuxe, by GM

For a while I was not aware of the wider term for midcentury industrial design known as "populuxe" the name evokes exactly the variety of styling that people associate with "retro" designs. Eams chairs, Googie architecture, tailfins, etc. While sites like Pinterest do a great job of collecting these designs, sometimes some added context is valuable.

That's where this restored video comes in. Created in 1958 by Jam Handy productions (who have some notoriety as the producers of fodder for MST3K shorts) for General Motors, this short film tells 'the story' of populuxe design.


Let's take an incredible left turn and talk about indie video games.

The game series "Lisa" came to my attention through HBomberguy's excellent Youtube channel. You can jump right into this video and learn about one of the more notorious, dark, and brilliant games of the past ten years.

Mort Garson's calm synthesizer music

The name Mort Garson probably doesn't sound like a cool EDM producer name, but in the late 1960s and 1970s, Mort was on the cutting edge of electronic music. How cutting edge? He was hired to compose and perform incidental music for the broadcast of the first moon landing (which can be heard here.)

In his time, Mort was known better as a producer of commercial music and other artists' work.  His passion was composing music on the then new (now legendary) Moog synthesizer. Check out the bouncy, loving melodies of "Plantasia" his album dedicated to "plants and the people who love them."

That's all I've got for now. I'll keep combing the stacks for good stuff. Stay safe. Take care of yourself and each other.