Lyft update: driving in a desert

After a pretty flush Wednesday, my next session on the open road was this Saturday which was  a very different story. As many would suspect, the city was practically deserted.  I stayed in driver mode for a good couple hours and only fielded a handful of rides.

This weekend brings me back down to "Bernie Sanders" levels: about $15 per hour. Still pretty decent money, but otherwise frustrating. Riders were perfectly fine, as could be expected midday, but there was clearly just low demand. No two ways about it.

Still, I managed to eek out six rides, which brings me back up above a 1:1 ratio on days I've been active to rides I need to hit 50 riders in 30 days. Barely. I really want that bonus.

However, because I hit some peak times and have yet to refuse a ride, I qualified for the guaranteed minimum hourly rate this coming week. Which would put me slightly above my average last week, if I stick to it. This article over at Rideshareguy is pretty critical of guaranteed minimums, but the requirements for Lyft in Chicago are slightly lower, though I'm not expecting much, knowing it's worth at least $17 to sit in my car is okay with me. Again, that's the advantage of this being a side gig instead of something I truly rely on. It's certainly important to keep things in perspective though.

If you happen to read this and want to start driving, do yourself a favor and  use my code (BEN473960) to get an extra $350 when you get 50 riders in the first 30 days as a Lyft driver.

If you just want to try out Lyft as a passenger, use this link to get a discounted (possibly free) ride.