Dusty Email

I was going to try and get some other writing done, but I got to wondering just how long I had my Gmail account. It turns out I was on board about a year after it's official debut in April of 2004.* 

I had completely forgotten that over the years I've been building up a time capsule of my communications. 

Gmail is a rather new email system that Google created. Google is the ultra-successful search engine, they rather recently opened on the stock market and it’s a pretty hot stock. Anyway, Gmail (short for Google mail) is rather unique email system because you don’t have to delete emails. Ever. They give you a huge amount of space to save all your old emails. The cool thing is that the email system is based on Google’s great searching power, so you can fairly simply search through all of your emails. Its really great for records of transactions from Amazon, or other important emails for classes (or emails from you!).
— a message to my grandparents, 2014/05/19

*almost exactly one year as my Gmail welcome message is from April 17th, 2005.