LA Review of Books has the best essay on Gone Home

We at Black Rectangle have written a bit about the critical indie darling game, "Gone Home" but the game is so good that it deserves the level of analysis that Ian Bogost provides over at the LA Review of Books.

Bogost's essay contrasts the storytelling in Gone Home with other games like Bioshock. While I've committed less than ten hours thus far to either Bioshock or Bioshock Infinite so far, I already see some of the points he makes. The environments in both Bioshock games are far more interesting at their quietest. When thrust into action the amazing worlds seem to disappear into the same-old-same-old shoot 'em up. The story doesn't even really move along due to combat, it's simply there as an excuse to keep the player from getting bored.

Gone Home takes the risk of creating only  an engaging environment. There are no enemies and few barriers... some claim it's not even a game. That's fine by me.

But this isn't supposed to be a review of any of those games as Bogost does all the heavy lifting for me. You can check the Black Rectangle review of Gone Home (written shortly after it's release) and by all means, leave a comment or impression on any of those games if you are so inclined.