Read this: "Strange Shapes" is the only Alien blog you need

A lot has been written about the Alien film series. For many fans, the Alien Quadrilogy is the beginning and end of the journey. And while that DVD and Blu-ray box set is certainly exhaustive, there is, even more information to be uncovered. 

For those who continue to be captivated by the adventures of Ellen Ripley and her relationship to the Xenomorph, perhaps the single best blog to keep an eye on is "Strange Shapes."

The level of research is impressive; comparing variations in the many script drafts that each film underwent and providing some very interesting behind the scenes pictures that many people have not seen. 

Just read this entry on the burial of the character Kane from the first film.  That scene takes up less than five minutes of film time and here we have detail on the actual props, how the scene changed in various drafts and even some cultural notes about including Egyptian imagery in the scene.

This type of deep, prolonged focus may not be for everyone, but for committed scifi film buffs it's a real treat.