Credit where credit is due

This blog wouldn't exist without the inspiration of my friend Jim Markus and his blog

Jim has been plugging away at creating a site with a philosophy that is 100% true to himself but also compelling enough that other people want to join in. In fact, Jim recently published his first book of writing prompts, "Write With Lions" through a Kickstarter campaign.

I had fun helping Jim fine tune some of the exercises and games that he included in the book and it was inspiring to see him go out and execute on his dream. That sounds kind of phony, but Jim's effort and determination were definitely not.

While Jim blogs about a number of topics there, the writing prompts are still some of my favorite. You can follow his blog, of course, but you would also do well to check out the finished "Write with Lions" book, which is available in hard copy as well as name-your-price ebook.